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Fertilizing your grafted Mango Tree

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Fertilizing your grafted Mango Tree


  1. Fertilizers.
    •    I think most of us do not use enough fertilizers yet we expect our trees to bear "bumper" crops. When we do fertilize we might over apply because we were negligent previously and try to make up. The amount of fertilizer you use will depend on the age of the tree, its health, and whether it is a heavy bearer. You can apply one pound the first year: one fourth pound at planting, another fourth after four months, and a half a pound at the end of 12 months. During the second, third, fourth, and fifth years apply two, three, four, and five pounds to match the age of the tree. Divide the amount into three or four portions and apply during the year. Mark this on a calendar so that you do not forget. Thereafter apply one pound of fertilizer per inch trunk diameter. Measure the trunk's diameter at six inches above ground if the tree is smaller than four inches in diameter. If the tree is between four and eight inches in diameter measure the diameter at 12 inches above ground. For matured trees greater than eight inches in diameter, determine the trunk diameter at 54 inches above ground or just below where the trunk branches out (for a low branching tree). When the tree is bearing fruit, divide the fertilizer to apply one half just before flowering and one half just after the crop has been harvested. Broadcast the fertilizer uniformly from the trunk out to the drip line and a little beyond. Water immediately and as needed thereafter to make the nutrients available to the tree. Use fertilizers with a ratio such as 1:1:1 (15-15-15) or 1:2:2 (10-20-20).

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