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Protecting Pets During the Festival of Lights by: Veantha Naidoo

Categories // Cultural, South Africa

The festival of lights also commonly known as Diwali is celebrated by various Indian households throughout the world.


Families come together by preparing various sweet-meats and burst fire-works. However during celebrations many pets and animals bare the brunt of the celebrations if fire-works are used without supervision.

Tips on Protecting your Pets

  • Always remember to burst fireworks in an area away from pets so that animals can be  kept away from  the fireworks.
  • Make sure to keep your pets indoors and in a familiar room. Pets and     animals have a heightened   sense of hearing so the jolts and loud noises cause many animals to flee in search of safe haven.
  • It is important to keep all doors and windows closed and draw the curtains to reduce the noise.
  • Supply pets with enough food and water and ensure someone can stay with them to comfort them.
  • Consult a veterinarian if pets suffer from anxiety or distress from loud noises , they can prescribe medication if needed.