1. A second whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment case against US President Donald Trump. Lawyers representing the first one say the second person was also an intelligence official. This person apparently has first-hand knowledge of the phone call Trump made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on 25 July in which he allegedly asked for help to incriminate his political competitor, former deputy president Joe Biden. BBC reports that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against Trump stems from the call.




2. The City of Cape Town’s enforcement services will deploy resources to all the known spots where matric                         valedictory celebrations take place. Each year, thousands of learners descend on popular beaches and other                   public open spaces to celebrate the end of their school careers. The city’s JP Smith says although the beach is               an ideal place for learners to make memories during the last days of their schooling years, the risks to personal             safety are amplified by illegal drinking at beaches