The family of little Sadia Sukhraj burst into tears when the man accused of their daughter’s murder was found guilty in the Durban High Court this afternoon.

Sibonelo Mkhize was convicted on two counts of murder and one of robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Sadia was killed in a botched hijacking in Shallcross, near Chatsworth in May last year.

The incident sparked a massive outcry across the province.

Sadia’s parents Shailendra and Lorraine Sukhraj burst into tears in court F as Judge Esther Steyn said she found Mkhize guilty of the murder of their little girl.

Steyn told the court that the act was done in common purpose, explaining that there was an intent to cause harm and the fact that the accused was armed, proved that.

Ballistics testing showed that that the bullet that killed Sadia was fired from her father’s gun, but Steyn ruled that Mkhize had to have foreseen the dangers of the robbery.

In her judgment, Steyn said the robbery, which she found Mkhize was definitely involved in, resulted in the death of Sukhraj and Mkhize’s co-accused, Siyabonga Bulose.

Steyn says Mkhize must be held accountable for the crime committed.

Sadia’s dad, Shailendra declined to speak to the media at the court.

Mkhize was lead back down to the holding cells after learning his fate.