Nicholas Ninow

The trial of Nicholas Ninow, the man who admitted raping a 7-year-old girl in the bathroom of a Dros establishment in Pretoria last year, enters its final stage today before the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria gives its judgement. Ninow has reportedly pleaded guilty to raping the child.

He is being tried because the State rejected the plea on the basis that aspects of his story do not align with the evidence the State has. He pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, one count of defeating the ends of justice and one count of possession of an illegal substance, which tested positive for a drug known as CAT. He also pleaded not guilty to the assault of two Dros employees. The State has withdrawn the charge of kidnapping that it had against him.

Ninow claimed he was in the women’s bathroom snorting CAT, when the victim entered, wanting to urinate. But it is the State’s case that Ninow followed the victim to the bathroom and that he had the intention of raping her. The child’s mother testified that she found Ninow completely naked and that her daughter was not wearing her tights or her underwear. Members of the ANC Women’s League, the EFF, activist group #Notinmyname and other organisations have also attended the proceedings.