Former President Jacob Zuma has implied that former Communications Minister General Siphiwe Nyanda has links to apartheid intelligence.

Nyanda was the second-high ranking African National Congress member who Zuma has claimed has links to apartheid intelligence forces.

Earlier, Zuma told the commission that former minister Ngoako Ramathlodi was recruited as a spy while studying in Lesotho.

In a lengthy tale about the role of intelligence operatives in the attacks against him, Zuma also set his sights on his own comrades in the ANC and former ministers in his Cabinet.

Zuma detailed how a compromised ANC member worked with the Swazi government and the apartheid police organised an attack against them just before he was confronted by the party in Mozambique.

He said upon their release from prison, the suspected spy was instructed by the apartheid police to hug somebody to indicate that they were not compromised in the attack on the ANC leaders and the person they hugged was Nyanda.

Zuma detailed how he has been a victim of local and foreign intelligence services which were still actively trying to get rid of him.